How Deep the Quantum Well

You can find this exciting new science fiction adventure on CreateSpace, on Amazon, or by Googling “How Deep the Quantum Well”, where it can be ordered from a number of online retailers.

I became an avid Science Fiction fan at a young age, when my uncle introduced me to his dusty collection of pulp magazines; a fantastic world where giant robots terrorized the solar system and intrepid explorers tamed harsh worlds orbiting strange stars. I have translated that love of SF into my first novel, woven together from ideas I developed through a degree in physics and subsequent engineering work in semiconductors. I’ve always been drawn to the more optimistic future scenarios that populated the pages of sci-fi from the 50s and 60s. That was a time when the space race got started, culminating in the first human steps on another world. I’ll never forget being woken late at night by my parents as Neil Armstrong’s ghostly image stepped down the ladder to the moon. Unfortunately, that sort of enthusiasm for science and technology has declined, having been replaced by a worldview that scientific study must always come at the expense of our humanity.

My own view is that there will always be people who are fascinated by the world around them, exploring the inner and outer depths of existence, and others who will translate that knowledge into technologies that transform our lives for the better.

Such is the premise of my novel, “How Deep the Quantum Well.”

The book paints a picture of a future devoid of dependence upon fossil fuels, where travel and communication are trivial undertakings, and where the concerns of global warming and pollution are things of the past. It follows the exploits of Lewis McCrorry and others connected to him, as they are propelled through a series of crises, yielding a startling discovery that will transform their lives.

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